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Help i really need advice about this problem?

A girl who lives next to me likes me (I don't know her but i'd like to get to know her). She tells my MOM i'm cute, and she wants to be with me. I talked to my 2 cousins about HER. They said they have heard she's DIRTY, and say she's ';UGLY'; when she's clearly not and has already slept with so many guys already at age 15.

I talked to my mom about it, and she said that's BS that my cousins say and that the girls parents are extremely strict with her and rarely let her out which is TRUE. The thing is every time i talk to my cousin about a chick he says ';She's a slut right away';. One time he was saying this about a girl so i'd had to let her go, next thing i know he's going out with her!.

Who would you believe your mom who's been good friends with the girls mom over 6 years or both of your cousins who have ';HEARD'; stuff?Help i really need advice about this problem?
duude,, yu suck.. y the f**k do yu want to listen to yur cousin even after he stabbed yu..

go for her dude..Help i really need advice about this problem?
i would ignore both parties and decide on your own terms. your cousins are skewed, they already have their opinions formed. your mom is biased, she already thinks she knows everything about this girl. you need to decide for yourself A) if she is attractive B) if she is easy and C) if you want to be with her. if you figure it out on your own you will definitely make the right choice
well, you obviously know the answer to this already, your mom is the better one to believe. But you know, neither of these people can for sure know anything. You need to become friends with this girl and learn about her yourself. if you are still interested, ask her out.
Believe your mom.

She's usually right anyways. :]
ya that is gonna take some time to think about.

listen to your heart.

answer mine please:

If your cousins are tricking u to dump a girl and then steal her from u then they are assholes and u shouldn't listen to them. U should listen to ur mom and ask the girl out
mother always knows best.
omgosh talk to her!

stuff your cusins LOL
i think the answer is obvious..

believe ur mom..

as the old saying goes, parents know what's best for you.. but your cousins dont.. lol..
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  • Experienced AustraliansI need your advice on this problem?what would you do?

    A couple of months ago I had a very expensive phone bill. I am with Optus. and I rang them and I asked why. They suggested I go on Optus one plan 99$. I was on prepaid for my mobile. They changed my mobile plan to post paid but they did need change my home phone to 99$ one plan although they were cahrging me for it. I got very angry and decided to cancel the whole idea. now they have send me a bill. 11 $ for mobile phone calls and 180$ cancellation fee! what would you do if you were in my shoes?would you pay this?would make a complain?what do you suggest me to do please?Experienced AustraliansI need your advice on this problem?what would you do?
    For a start - when you ring up Optus you speak with a SUPERVISOR, never just the first person on the phone, you will get nowhere. Demand they put their supervisor on the phone. Explain your situation and DEMAND it has to be fixed NOW.

    After you have tried that, and 99% of the time speaking to a supervisor it does solve the problem - but if you got nowhere then make a formal complaint to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman's - a long lengthy process but worth it in the end if you get the outcome you wish.

    I managed to get $5,000 out of Telstra going through them for stuffing me around.Experienced AustraliansI need your advice on this problem?what would you do?
    Thats just optus for you, telstra is the same, so just pay it and dont sign with telstra or optus again, they are most expensive phone companys, their are other cheaper ones out there
    get hold of the Telco Ombudsman - and register yr compliant.

    We had the same nonsense with Telstra and you really do have to push yr complaint thru the system ie keep at it because they know they will wear most people down.

    ';Complaints about landline, mobile phone and Internet services have increased by almost 8 percent in the last financial year.

    According to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman's annual report, which was released today, a whopping 59,850 complaints have been lodged.

    Not surprisingly, the biggest area for complaint was disputes about billing.

    Established in 1993, the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman is a free and independent dispute resolution service.

    It is largely geared toward residential and small business consumers who have been unable to resolve a complaint with their Internet service provider or telco.';

    I need suggestion and advice in love problem.? ?

    Your Question

    I need suggestion and advice in love problem.? ?

    hello friends i have comleted PG. now my parents are searching a good boy for me but i like my childhood friend .we both are mail to each ohher from last one year......one day i felt that i liked him.....

    and i told him that ';I like you'; suddenly he said that you are like my

    sister and now you stop mailing me .....now please help me what i do beacuse i like only my childhood friend and i can not think about any other boy?I need suggestion and advice in love problem.? ?
    Before taking any decision for any boy, always think wether he would secure your life.

    It must be possible that he is your crush. i would like to advice you that the parents decision must be honoured because they would always feel that their child should be happy.

    Defintaley they would look a guy which suits you %26amp; will always keep you happy. So admire your parents liking %26amp; forget your childhood friend.

    Always remeber that whatever happens in life happens for good.I need suggestion and advice in love problem.? ?
    Well if you know where he lives go to his house and tell him he shouldn't get so mad and your sorry.Then, go over and talk about stuff don't tell him you like him yet

    and you ask him if he would like to go out for some dinner (not as a date also don't do this until you've been talking to him for a while)and continue this on until he says ';i like you';.If he says no to the apology ask him if you can at least still email ar mail each other and do all the stuff i said at the top like go out for dinner,talk etc.
    forget him dear, marry some good boy. Listen you must understand that the boy you like is looking at you just like a sister. There is a limit and a pride of every relationship. If you cannot make him your brother, make him a friend but stop thinking more.

    We like our fathers mothers too but we cannot marry them.
    you were friends because both of you had a mutual feeling that you could be friends. i hope you understand from the same logic that in order to establish any relationship, there should be mutual consent from both the persons.. a mutual feeling.

    I can understand what you are going through, but I WANT to give you practical advise. so just try not to lose your best friend. tell him what you have realized.
    May be you want to marry him because you are more comfortable with him.marrying a complete stranger is scaring you..although you like him but you cant force him to change his feelings towards you...just the way he cant change your feelings towards him...tell him that your childhood friendship matters more to you than anything else so be friends and normal again..show him that it was a temporary feeling that you had...but as regards your marriage..think about it open mindedly..but plz continue to be friends with him..
    dear...it ws unfortunate..but u only liked him n loved him..so dnt get that hooked on..it is nt th end of the world..it is nt necessary that whomsoever we love or like same should happen wid that person..so let it pass by..u will find manymore people more interesting ...so move ahead baby....all the best



    Hey silly,

    You would find many wonderful personalities out there.

    Come out of the shell.

    The world is so wide and great.

    Silly girl !
    See if you can change his mind orelse go with your parents decision.
    You must forget and get married to a person whom your parents suggest
    mom says get off the computer and go to bed or you're grounded!
    sometimes I hit my pee pee with a hammer

    I seriously need some advice. best friend problem. ?

    My best friend is dating a guy who is very controlling. She constantly complains to me about it. It seems like an everyday thing that she tells me ';I'm leaving him, I hate him, blah blah blah';

    Tonight she told him that they should post pone the wedding a few more months (they are supposed to be getting married in March)

    He freaked out on her and stormed out leaving her stranded without a vehicle.

    When I texted her later to ask if she made it back home (she had went for a walk) she said no. I asked her where she was and she said ';with a friend';. I asked her what friend and she said Chris. Chris is her EX BOYFRIEND WHO CHEATED ON HER! I had to put up with that bull crap for almost two years!!!!

    This is what I don't get....

    She says she ';loves'; David (her fiancee) and wants to marry him but when things go bad she runs to ex bf's to find comfort?

    I don't want to seem like a bad friend but wtf!?

    What should I freaking say to her?????I seriously need some advice. best friend problem. ?
    She likes the drama. If you don't like drama then comfort her, but realize that she is just milking it for all it's worth. My advice is to warn her not to pull away from her fiance or she might just lose him permanently. She obviously still has some feeling for the ex-bf (or at least wants to use him while she has the chance), but either way she is playing a very risky game. Just warn her to cool her engines or she might just have it all blow up in her face. You seem like you care about her so just be honest and comfort her, but don't get in the middle or you'll end up in the drama too.I seriously need some advice. best friend problem. ?
    Well try not to be rude about it, but she obviously doesn't have high self-esteem because if she did, she would forget about the both of them and find someone who will treat her with respect. Let her know how amazing she is, and tell her that her fiancee might not be a good person for her to be with if he leaves her stranded.
    I think that this is something she needs to figure out on her own and that it's her business. You're there to be there for her, as a friend. But it's her life. If she needs comfort just listen to her and watch a movie with her and eat ice cream. Even though you want to help, when this comes down to it, it's her who has to make the choice and grow up and figure out what's going on.

    good luck =]
    Women, always looking for reassurance and security. Why not to introduce her to a more appropriate partner, before it is too late and she gets married.
    Tell her that I told you that she needs to see a therapist. The girl's got some issues to deal with, like maybe getting some self-esteem.
    if i were you i would tell her if you keep on having prob. with ur fiancee then you should tell him you done with him
    just talk to her about everything that is on your mind.

    there may be a reason she does. you never know until you talk.

    I know I had similar problems with my best friend. her boyfriend was a complete jerk to her and he totally used her. it hurt me to see her in pain because she is usually so strong. so just talk to her. but don't get mad. just tell her you want to talk. just talk thats all. no yelling no freaking out. just calm talking and talk it out.

    thats my advice.

    good luck.

    and hang in there. I know it's hard. you just can't ignore her at a time like this because she obviously needs a friend right now. she just doesn't know it.

    So like I said. Just talk to her.

    I hope it turns out ok. =)

    Help i need quick advice on this problem i got?

    I'm 18, and i never had a gf due to because i was really fat, and i'm a virgin still, but im now in shape and get a lot attention from girls now. Even dough my appearance has changed i will always respect girls, and always treat them right. I met a girl who is 24 and she has a 2 y/o girl, and she's divorced but the baby's dad still comes to visit the daughter... (I think there might be baby daddy problems here)

    Anyways i lied to her i said i was 20 (I lied because i'm into older women because they are matured), and now we are hitting off Should i stop seeing her, or just flow with it and have fun and enjoy my young life???Help i need quick advice on this problem i got?
    Chris if your not in too deep just now i would say don't get to deep into it.

    I am not for breaking up friendships or relationships by any means just because of age, but i think the commitment to the child and having the daddy on the scene might be a little too much for someone just ';starting'; out if you know what i mean.

    And remember girls mature faster than guys, so if you date someone your own age or maybe a year or two older then your getting your older woman! lol

    It might be fun to experiment with someone in the same situation as yourself , rather than getting into a family situation.

    Having said all that, if this girl is really committed to you and you are both in love and been and know each other deeply and the hubby don't have a problem with it or you, then that's different.

    Hope this helps a little :)Help i need quick advice on this problem i got?
    Just enjoy your young life I guess. If it doesn't work out you still have your whole life ahead of you. You still have 20 yrs to find your mate.



    have a talk with her and tell her that youre 19 and well the same thing u told us

    and if u really like her as a person to live with and the 2 year girl as a daughter then go for it

    but if u have 2 leave tell her the truth in person and then talk about it and then leave dont just leave in a sudden

    trust me iths is great help

    if u need more help them mail me at


    Can anyone give me advice of my problem with my girlfriend?

    I'm going to use names.



    Other guy-Travis

    Well me and Kaitlin, were together for 6 months.

    On our 6th month annir. she decided that she didn't want to date me anymore.

    So the same day she started going out with this Travis kid.

    One day later she broke up with Travis, and got back with me.

    Six days after that she broke up with me and is back with Travis.

    She lives one street over, and we usual hang out after school.

    Now here is where i need help.

    She is cheating on Travis with me..

    Everyday me and Kaitlin act like we're still dating.

    But she doesn't want to break up with Travis..

    She says she ';loves'; him after 8 days they've been together.

    But she cheats on him with me...

    She said, ';Tony, i love you. It's just that when i'm with you i never want it to end, but when i'm with Travis i feel the same way.';

    I've asked my friends for advice they told me to just stop talking to her,

    And see what she does. Well i did that and she started to freak out that i wasn't talking to her.

    She thought something happened to me..

    I can't just let her go, after the stuff me and her did.

    Her birthday is saturday, and i got her this extremely expensive ring that has our names engraved in it. But now it's worthless..

    I feel lost without her. ):

    Help?!Can anyone give me advice of my problem with my girlfriend?
    It depends how old you are really. She could be having a mid life crisis? You sound pretty young tho, teens, or twenties?

    It sounds like she is cheating and messing around with the both of you.

    She isn't sure of what she wants, and she is most definitely keeping her options open. I think this Travis guy is abit of a player and she isn't sure what's going on with him and her. Are you sure they are together? I think she's just a booty call to him or he is dating other girls as well, which is why she comes back to you. You know, the kind of guy who doesn't show a girl too much affection, so she wants to get it out of him (if you know what I mean)

    If I was you I would either keep away from her until she has got it out of her system or tell her to get her **** together.

    Hope I made some sence %26amp; helped you :)Can anyone give me advice of my problem with my girlfriend?
    i agree you need to go on cheaters but i guess i would be a complete dick to her and talk to travis and get pics before to show and prove she is a slut. also keep ALL txt and phone calls... good luck!
    take the girl on cheaters
    She probably was cheating on you while you guys were together with this Travis guy. You need to put a stop to this before she starts playing you for a fool (if she's already not) This girl is using you and she wants you to be there for her regardless and that is not right. because if you see it if something doesn't go right with you and her she goes to him and if something doesn't go right with her and him she goes to you so pretty much you're a back up plan. You need to open your eyes!! Just stop talking to her she's not worth it and won't be (Once a cheater always a cheater!!!!) Leave her alone and just be up front and tell her you're not going ot be putting up with what she has been doing. You're only hurting yourself even more by staying with her. She's no good for you and she doesn't appreciate you or anything that you do for her. So dump her!
    okay obviously shes very confused. and both of you are probably good guys. i think its time to tell her to choose. i know it will hurt but if she comes back it was worth it and if she doesnt, well, then it wasnt meant to be.

    good luck !
    First of all, I apologize for my name, I promise I'm not the same Travis. Second of all, I know it'll hurt, but you need to get away from that situation. She's just going to keep messing with you. Because she can. She needs to grow up a lot before she can be in a committed relationship.
    I think it would be best if you did not see her for some time cose I think she is not sure who she likes best and wants to go out with both of you.
    She dosent love you, she likes you and that won't change.

    Be her friend, stop the sex.

    Dont give her the ring.

    Remember, be her friend. NO SEX!

    What do I do? Advice for GIRL PROBLEM?

    I was with my gf for a long time. I did something so stupid, which I won't say, because I'm not proud of it, but she's just really pissed, and she won't talk to me at all, and her friends won't let me talk to her either.

    There's this friend, a girl, and we were just talking, got to flirting, and now she wants me to call her and like come over and stuff... She's my type and all, but I don't know if I'm not supposed to be doing this. Should I just tell her I have a gf or go along with it?? I'm so confused.

    I know I posted this, but I didn't get any answers, and I need some ASAP.What do I do? Advice for GIRL PROBLEM?
    Well, if you TRULY love your gf of a long time

    Dont go seeing this other girl

    Let it pass over

    And dont bring it up when you guys are together again (which you probably will be)

    Good luck. :)What do I do? Advice for GIRL PROBLEM?

    but basically here's what i think

    do you want to stay with your girlfriend?!

    if you don't..

    text your girlfriend and be like

    listen i'm trying to reconcile things.. but you're not talking to me. i want to figure out what to do about you and me but you're just ignoring me. i know that i did some stupid s hit and i know that you need your space but i can't sit here and wait forever.. so call me, okay?

    if she doesn't call you.. obviously it's over.

    if she does, then you can either mend things or just get over it.

    once you have closure with your gf call the girl and go over her house.

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